Defective Tires Can Significantly Increase Risk of Vehicle Crash

Defects in any number of car or other motor-vehicle parts may cause serious dangers to vehicle occupants as well as others with whom they share our roadways. Defective tires, including those with faulty tread, weaknesses in sidewalls, or inadequate rims, are responsible for thousands of injury-causing accidents, every year. In mid-July 2015, the National Highway […]

Study Shows High Levels of Toxic Chemicals in Dollar Store Products

A study conducted by the Campaign for Healthier Solutions (CHS) on dollar-store products is reported to have revealed high levels of toxic chemicals (including lead, tin, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), bromine, and phthalates) in 81% of the 164 products tested, which covered everything from home décor products to office supplies to children’s toys. According to the […]